Kem Overby

MEET DR. DANCE, P.H.D. (Pretty Hot Dancer)
Kem Overby, has been teaching all forms of social and competitive dancing for over 38 years. He started in Southside, Virginia in the mid-to-late 70’s when disco dancing was on the rise. He soon went to work for Arthur Murray’s Dance Studio in Raleigh, NC where he was trained in ballroom dancing. Over the years, his dance career has taken him all over the United States. He has competed in, and won, numerous competitions in his career, as well as being recognized as Top-Teacher in many of them. Kem has trained several dancers whom, in turn, have also become professional dancers. After a long and rewarding career, Kem moved back home to South Hill, VA. He enjoys being back in Southside, VA, playing golf, and spending time with his family.
Once a dancer…always a dancer! Kem has a desire to share his talent with the people nearest and dearest to his heart…the people of Southside, VA! He started teaching a few classes in South Hill in January 2008. Kem has taken several students from South Hill and the surrounding areas to competitions in Myrtle Beach SC, Raleigh NC, Roanoke VA, Knoxville TN, Richmond VA, Virginia Beach VA, Columbia SC, Asheville NC, and Atlanta GA. He also enjoys taking his students to community events where they can show off their newly acquired dance skills. With a growing interest in dancing, due to exposure from television shows like Dancing With the Stars, Kem decided to open his own studio in South Hill…thus, the birth of BOTOFOGO’S Dance Studio in May 2010.
Whether your goal is to get up at a party and dance, to compete, or just spend time around people with a common interest…Kem is the teacher for you. Also known as Dr. Dance, Kem specializes in fixing Two-Left-Feet.
Get over your fear of dancing…go see the “Dance Doctor”

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