Zeki Maviyildiz

Zeki Maviyildiz currently teaches ballroom dancing at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre. He is one of our premier dance competitors. Zeki competes across the United States in ballroom dancing.

As a folk dance performer, Zeki has traveled throughout the world to over 25 countries as part of the Turkish National Folk Dance Troupe. Since deciding to pursue his passion for the development of Turkish performing arts in the US, Zeki has been showcasing his talents across the East Coast. In 2008 he brought Bluestar to the West Coast for the Seattle Turkish Cultural Festival.

Zeki Maviyildiz first came to Folkmoot USA in Waynesville, NC where he performed there with a dance troupe from Turkey. Zeki also performs Turkish folk dancing with Bluestar across the country.

Zeki’s passion for his art and community volunteerism has been exemplary. He has held folk dance workshops in Asheville, NC and Harrisburg, PA as well as the Triangle area in NC. He has performed with the Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian folklore troupes. “I am proud to be able to support young dance enthusiasts and hope that my teachings of artistic Turkish folk dances will help promote and expose Turkish culture, not only in North Carolina, but throughout the US,” says Maviyildiz.

You may reach Zeki at  336-251-2434  or  bluestardance@gmail.com

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