Class Tips

  • Have fun learning to Dance! Don’t take it so seriously that you forget to have FUN!
  • This is not school! No one fails!
  • Learn at your own pace! Learning the basic pattern to each of the six major dances is the most important part of learning to dance. Having a strong foundation will build your dancing the right way.  Never be embarrased about repeating levels, especially levels one, two and three.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store or at your kitchen sink, actually doing the steps and practicing the steps in your mind will help your feet move in the right direction.
  • The four elements to Dance are walk step, side step, rock step, and triple step.
  • Dancing is social exercising made fun, so get to know your classmates.
  • Dancing can relieve stress! You leave the junk in the trunk when you walk in the door, it is nearly impossible to worry about our problems when we are learning how to dance.
  • Embrace Dancing and share it with a friend!