Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need dance experience to take lessons?
No. All dancers start at the very beginning. The more you attend your dance class and dance parties, the better you will become.

2) Do I need a partner to take a dance class?
Normally, No but currently…. YES.  Though all of our classes are offered in a group setting with people of similar skill levels, as we do indeed teach the leaders part then the followers part then put leaders and followers together for practice,  we currently are unable to rotate partners every few minutes as we normally would due to Covid,  thus to help keep everyone safe and healthy our group classes are currently couples/partner only.

3) What should I wear for my dance lesson?
Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing, as well as currently- face masks being worn and worn properly is an absolute must. If you do not have ballroom dance shoes, we recommend a light weight dress shoe with socks or nylons.  Ladies make sure the heels have straps and not open backs.  This will help keep your shoe on while dancing.  We do not recommend sneakers or rubber soled shoes.  This makes it harder to move across the dance floor.

4) How much can I learn in a group class?
A group class may seem overwhelming to the beginner at first, but our expert staff at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre will have you dancing basic steps in several dances before the first class is finished.  We will review and build your dance knowledge each dance class you attend.

5) How long are the classes?
Our dance classes meet once a week for about 50 minutes for 6 weeks.

6) What if I have to miss a class?
Please try not to miss a class.  However, we all have the unexpected happen so if you have to miss a class, be sure to attend the next week.  We do review each week and offer private lessons if needed.

7) Do you teach children or teenagers?
The Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre teaches private lessons to people of all ages.  The Ballroom Intro 1 Class is a FUN and SAFE atmosphere for young people to join. Some of our youth have been with us for quite some time and have developed into fantastic dancers and class helpers.

8) Do I have to compete to take lessons at Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre?
No.  We teach social dancing as well as competition dancing, better known as DanceSport. We do sponsor two ballroom dance competitions each year for anyone who would like to try DanceSport. The main focus at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre is having fun & teaching people to dance.

9) What is the most effective way to learn to dance?
Taking lessons at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre of course!  We offer and recommend a comprehensive program of private lessons, group classes and social dances. Taking group classes and/or private lessons will help individuals and couples to learn more and retain what they learn.

10) Are private lesson available?
Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre offers private lessons through our expert instructors. These are available by appointment only. If you are interested in private lessons please call Melinda Smith at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre for more information (828) 274-8320

11) How much can I learn in one private lesson?
After one lesson, a new dancer may learn several dance patterns in a couple of dances and be able to link them together to successfully dance an entire song.  After any lesson is finished we invite you to stay a few minutes and practice what you have learned.  Most importantly, practice every night, even if it is just for a few minutes in your kitchen!

12) What is the cost for the Ballroom Intro 1 Class?
The 6-Week Ballroom Intro 1 is $75/pp for Adults. The 6-Week Ballroom Intro 2-Bronze I is $75/pp for Adults. Dance Down $40.