Getting Started


Anyone can learn how to ballroom dance and no partner is required!  You will begin at Ballroom Intro 1 on Thursday nights at 7:00pm. Call Melinda Smith (828) 274-8320 for new class details!  No skill is required and it does not matter if you think you have two left feet and no rhythm.  Dancing has the power to completely transform people’s lives.  It’s great exercise and great fun. Dancing builds self-confidence and improves physical coordination.  For singles, there is simply no better way to meet people than to be able to dance with confidence at parties.  Dancing gives couples a fantastic hobby to share.

Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre invites you to step into the world of ballroom dancing, waltz, swing, foxtrot, and more.  We introduce the basics of any partnership dance and help you to develop a direction for your dancing.  Our expert instructors will get you going in an exciting and comfortable atmosphere!

By offering private lessons, group lessons, and monthly dance parties there is truly something for everyone.  Take a look at our Class Descriptions page and learn more about the dances we teach or the Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ’s) page for general information.  You will soon discover that learning to dance is every bit as much fun as dancing itself!

Don’t put it off any longer! Pick up the phone and call Melinda Smith at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre, 828-274-8320 to schedule your first appointment!  Then get ready to experience one of life’s most wonderful experiences…dancing!