Amy Barnes – Swing, Line, Country and Ballroom Dance Instructor

Amy & Matthew, world champions (Jan. 2012)
Amy & Matthew, world champions (Jan. 2012)

Amy Barnes has been dancing up a storm since she took her first free line dance lesson in a country bar.  Country dancing lead Amy to the Purdue Ballroom Dance Team where she competed on the college circuit in American Style Smooth and Rhythm dances.  After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Amy returned to competitive dancing and joined the IUPUI Swing Cats, Fine Liners line dance team, and started entering in West Coast Swing Jack and Jill contests.

Today, Amy lives in Asheville, North Carolina and teaches American Style Ballroom, Swing and Country Western Dancing with her husband, Jason Barnes.  Amy also travels with Jason, teaching and competing throughout the United States and internationally.  They are proud parents of their new daughter April.  April has been a delightful traveler with her parents enjoying trips to Washington D.C., Disney World, Monticello (the home of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville, VA), Las Vegas and Dance Cruises throughout the Caribbean.

In January 2012, Amy danced Pro Am at the UCWDC WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIPS.  She, with her student Matthew Embler, won the Jr. Teen Male Newcomer overall world title.

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